I live in the SF Bay Area with my wife and I most recently worked at Instacart as a Senior Solutions Architect. I grew up in Louisville, KY.

In university I studied design, animation, and english. I’ve also independently studied business, finance, marketing, investing, and software engineering.

I think a lot about technology and the direction humanity is heading (as well my myriad other interests and beliefs). Most people would describe me as a techno-optimist.

Work with me

I accept contract and consulting work. This is often in early-stage product roles or engineering services (see my full background here), but I love working with new people on unique ventures, so please also pitch me your app ideas, Burning Man art projects, independent films, social experiments, research projects, and alternate reality games. A short email explaining why we should work together goes a very long way.

Contact me for my current rates, which will vary depending on my workload and the interestingness or impact of your project.


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