Bridging the Chasm

Me at Burning Man

And then a year went by.


I stayed in the United States for the entirety of 2011 but I did manage to spend six full weeks on highly visceral activities in other places. These included SXSW, Bonnaroo, ten days on Anna Maria Island with good friends, and a glorious week in the Black Rock Desert at Burning Man. Not bad.


I redesigned my personal site and moved all the old Wanderlust content here. I did this because it looks fancier and I want to write about other topics in addition to travel. Sorry for those of you that got a random email update a couple weeks back. I hope you like my new home.


I was offered a job and accepted it. I’m still employed so that’s all I will say about that for now.

I’ve also launched a one man web building company. I taught myself all about domains, hosting, and WordPress. When I built this site I realized I could build awesome websites for other people too. If you need a site for your business, blog, or portfolio consider having it Built by Collin.


In addition to teaching myself the above mentioned skills I am learning JavaScript for free using Code Academy. I’m also reading quite a bit about startups and venture capital.

I’ve also been studying various topics that I suppose could by categorized under “the human condition.” Our physical evolution has left us with many unneeded byproducts (i.e. wisdom teeth, appendices). I’m convinced that our mental evolution has followed the same course.

Take greed for example. Greed is a characteristic which appears to be innate. And why not? It was once incredibly useful. It made us into the dominant species we are today. The greedy monkey had more to eat. But now it has turned against us. If anyone can think of one “world problem” that cannot be linked to greed I’d be very eager to hear it.


I’ve been selling off all my belongings. I want to be as lightweight as possible. I don’t want to be a man who is owned by his possessions. I’m converting everything I can into liquid capital, the rest gets donated or gifted.

I also grew my hair out really long and wrote a blog post.

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